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Custom Metal Credit & Debit Cards

Create your own custom design or choose from one of our best sellers

How Do We Work


Select the design or customize your card to make its design the best for you.

Select 1/7 card variants, Fill out the customization form, and Personalize card with interactive display!


Ship your plastic bank card to us.

Check email for simple shipping instructions


We create your card!

We will then create your custom METAL credit/debit card with the information from your plastic card & your checkout order form.


We ship your new card to you!

We will ship both your old plastic and your new METAL cards back to you in our luxurious packaging for FREE the very next business day!

Ready-made designs

Millionaires Club $125 cart

+$15 !

What Makes Us Different?


We only use secure and tracked shipping in discreet unbranded packaging.


Our equipment is highly secure and does not store any personal or sensitive card information.

Card Data

All payments are processed via our PCI compliant payment merchant.

Frequently Asked Questions
Absolutely! You will have a functional metal card (EMV chip & Magstripe) that you can SWIPE or INSERT. Metal cards everywhere cannot tap, but can always use your smartphone for contactless payments.
Your metal card will work everywhere your plastic card works. ATMs, stores, online, everywhere
We send back your original plastic card with your new metal card. It will not have an EMV chip as that will be transplanted to the metal card.
If you purchased protection insurance, we cover a one-time replacement metal card if your card is lost, stole
Once your card arrives at our operations facility, we create & ship out your new metal card within 24 hours.
All our cards come with a 60 day warranty for any manufacturing defects in the rare instance the magnetic strip peels or should the card stop working.
You can explore options and create your masterpiece on our interactive card builder. If you’re having difficulty with design, email [email protected] after checkout with your order number and specific request.
Your options are nearly limitless. Feel free to explore our Instagram and TikTok for inspiration and ideas!
The weight of this card will turn heads & bring in the compliments; we promise ???? (It is heavier than an AMEX Black Card and nearly 5 times heavier than a plastic card.)
Because a metal card speaks for itself. Upgrade your plastic card today.

You are welcome to Suga Cards website! Your custom metal credit&debit cards are waiting for you to choose them. There are two basic options on how to choose the metal bank card design on Suga Cards:

  • Take a look at our pre-made designs. There are lots of acute and stylish options you can choose from. Make a choice of the color, think about the design and we'll make it for you in a matter of several days.
  • Add a bit of creativity to get your metal card custom design. You'll receive a unique item that will differ you in the crowd instantly. Send us your draft or just a picture you want to place on the card's surface that is of a good quality to allow us to start working on your unique metal bank card.

We offer the process that is eating pears for our customers!

  • Select the design or customize your card to make its design the best for you.
  • Ship your plastic bank card to us.
  • Wait for a few days as we are already doing our best to make your metal card exclusive and functional. You are welcome to have fun watching our funny TikToks and YouTube videos while we are working for you.
  • Get the tracking number of the parcel from us and wait till the courier will handle your card to you.
  • Enjoy your new stylish accessory! Be sure if you are pleased with our service, we'll be glad to get your feedback on our social networks.

In SugaCards, we use the creative approach. That is why we create metal card designs regularly to provide our customers with stylish, up-to-date, and even, sometimes, memetic designs. That's not all, well. There is something more you should know about us.

  • In Suga Cards, we offer the most convenient customization process for those who want their metal card to be really extravagant. Appreciate our interactive panel and feel free to implement all your bravest ideas.
  • We put great attention to safety and security. That means the whole process is ensured and we do guarantee your card and, of course, your personal data along with your bank account will be safe and sound while we work on your metal debit/credit card and ship it to you.
  • Sending throughout the whole world is what we are proud of. There are no borders for us to provide you with a real extravaganza.
  • Only high-class designs and technologies are at our service. Our team implies the newest laser carving technologies along with the talent of our designers to create real gemstones in the finest metal. Our cards will decorate you like real diamonds.
  • Working with the majority of chips. There is no secret that for metal cards, not all types of EMV chips are suitable. In Suga Cards, we also have some limitations due to technology peculiarities. Yet, there are only a few of them!

Are you interested in getting your own bank card made of steel? You are welcome to apply for it right now! Start your brilliant purchase in Suga Cards right now.

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