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Matte black
0000 0000 0000 0000
Online service:
Important! This Custom card is commisioned by the cardholder. It is produces in United States by SugaCards
This card is stricly for personal use, issuing bank can recover the property at any time.
Authorized Signature
0000 0000 0000 0000

So, you've made the right decision and now you want to buy a metal card in SugaCards. We are glad to welcome you to the order page. First of all, let's answer the main question: do you want to order a metal card with a design from SugaCards or create your own exclusive product?

If you like our designs, you can safely go to the Products page and add the design that caught your eye to the basket. Then it remains only to fill in the details of the card and place an order.

On this page, you can immerse yourself in the exciting process of customizing your metal card. After all, only you know 100% what exactly you want to receive. So, let's begin?

Edit Card Information

At the first stage of customizing a metal card, nothing extraordinary awaits you. We all know that on the surface of the card there is the data of its owner. Therefore, in the cardholder name field, enter please your name or the name of the person who will use the card. You can leave this field blank if you want the owner's name on the back. Next, choose where the card number will be located: on the front or on the backside? If you have any comments, we will be happy to receive them if you write to us in the special comment box.

Metal Selection

At SugaCards, we offer a cool range of colors and textures for our metal cards. Remember that by default the custom design of the metal card is done on a black matte base. If you want to get something different, we are pleased to offer you the following shades and textures to choose from:

The color you choose will be the base color for both sides of your card.

Add Logo/Text

Let's move on to the most interesting part of the custom design - choosing a logo, text, image for your card. If you want text engraved on the card, enter it in the Text field. Here you can also choose the size of the text so that it reads well. Agree, with the text your metal credit card will already look unusual. Now let's try to add a logo or a picture. Choose a sketch, try to have it in the highest quality - the aesthetics of the image on the surface of the card depends on this. Upload a sketch file on the same page - we will receive it and transfer it to the surface of the map in great detail. By the way, if you want your metal card to not have the SugaCards logo, don't forget to click on this option.

That's all! Now you can add your finished card design to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Enter your contact details, choose a payment method, and we will contact you to confirm the order and coordinate the delivery of your card to our office.

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