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1. Common Questions

Of course, SugaCards is licensed and works under US legislation. We work fully legally providing you with high-quality services.

We offer you to join us on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to get more information and feedback from our customers. Here are lots of comments you can read to make your opinion on our work.

SugaCards headquarters is located in California.

2. Metal Cards Production & Design

For US residents, terms of manufacturing are no more than 3 days after we get your plastic card. You should consider that the time depends much on delivery terms as we have to get your plastic card shipped to us and to ship your metal card to you. So it depends on the region you live in.

Unfortunately, the technology of transferring EMV chips is not ideal yet, so in some cases, information that was entered directly into the plastic base of the card cannot be transferred to a metal blank. This also explains the inability to use metal cards for Touch-and-Pay payments. At the same time, we transfer all the data of the magnetic tape and the chip itself, which makes the card suitable for all other types of payments.

We are not responsible for the content displayed on our custom metal payment cards. You are solely responsible for ensuring that this content is not infringing.

This is unlikely. Laser application technology provides durability and resistance to mechanical damage.

Minimum. All you need is to upload a logo or image file in vector format with a transparent background. We will do the rest ourselves. If finding an image in this format is problematic, contact us on social networks or by e-mail - we will help solve this problem.

3. Security Questions

We guarantee the security of your card, we do not transfer card details to third parties and do not store information about it.

Of course not. You get it back along with the metal card.

A metal card does not differ in its functions from your regular payment card. If you have used it for online payments, you can continue to do so.

4. Payment and Delivery

We work all over the world, we cooperate with international shipping services. Therefore, all without exception can become our clients.

For the convenience of our customers, SugaCards offers you to pay for orders using various payment methods. Unfortunately, crypto payments are not available yet. Stay tuned not to miss updated about our cryptocurrency payment methods further.

We send our customers the tracking number of the parcel so that you can control its delivery. In case of loss, contact the post office and inform your bank of the loss/theft.

Delivery of metal cards from SugaCards is free for all customers. But be prepared to pay for the delivery of your plastic card to our office - these costs are on the customers' side.


We convert your old boring plastic debit/credit card into metal (stainless steel).

We transplant the data from your old plastic card to your new metal card. We engrave all of your card information on the back of the card. (unless you choose not to).

You will have a fully functional metal credit card that you can USE. Sadly, the tap and pay feature will not be available. You can still use your phone for the Tap to Pay feature but we’re 100% sure that you won’t use it after receiving your card!